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Code Of Ethics

As a Member of the DGSA Ltd I hereby agree that:

  • I will abide by the DGSA Ltd Articles of Association and Regulations
  • I will at all times, whether at home, travelling, at shows or in public areas, display good sportsmanship and conduct myself in such manner as will reflect credit on the DGSA Ltd and dairy goats.
  • I will help to educate the public about dairy goats and in all other areas where I am qualified
  • I will try to breed in such a manner as to improve the quality of dairy goats
    I will not knowingly use for breeding any animal with major defects or hereditary diseases
  • I will sell only animals in good healthy condition, free to the best of my knowledge from communicable disease
  • I will not sell any registered dairy goat that has defects of a nature that is detrimental to the breed(s)
  • I will deregister any animal developing defects
  • I will not sell stock without true representation to the purchaser.  All advertising will be honest and not be in any way misrepresentative, misleading or fraudulent
  • I will ensure that registration and transfer of stock will be completed promptly in accordance with the rules of the society and that any purchaser clearly understands their responsibilities for the care and welfare of the animals
  • I will supply the purchaser with details of dietary and immunisation requirements and/or supply appropriate written material about these requirements as well as pedigree details
  • I will continue to offer assistance to buyers for as long as such aid is needed