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The benefits of becoming a member include:

  • being active in all levels of the DGSA
  • registering stock with the DGSA
  • receiving the Australian Goat World magazine, the yearly Herd Book and regular Branch newsletters
  • eligibility to receive Milk Awards
  • the right to exhibit goats at approved shows
  • sharing knowledge and information with other members
  • reduced advertising rates in DGSA publications
  • eligibility to become a dairy goat judge

If you own a goat or are interested in learning more about goat keeping, you are invited to join the Dairy Goat Society of Western Australia.

To enable you to register and show your dairy goats, you must be a member of the Dairy Goat Society of Australia (DGSA). You will then automatically be a member of the Dairy Goat Society in your state.

In today’s hectic & high speed world, getting back to country style pursuits is rewarding to many areas of life.

With dairy goats, we have animals who are wonderfully affectionate, clean, mostly easy to care for and importantly able to supply us with seriously healthy milk. So many advantages over cows milk it is almost unbelievable.

From the milk it is pretty easy to make a range of cheeses, soaps, butter and cream. It opens up a whole new world of food recipes. And goat’s milk soap is wonderful in terms of its softness, and the improvement to complexion as a result of using it. It is also very economical a good batch can last for months.

Many of our members attend country and city agricultural shows in order to have their animals judged against others in their breed and class and also across all breeds.

The shows are a great day out for the whole family with many excited children enjoying the spectacle and also often participating in junior handler classes.

We also arrange a number of workshops, social events and field days. These are often called GAB FESTS, due to the very high level of information being transferred, from good old gossip, to advice and assistance.

They have access to milk testing which can lead to established milk records and various nationally recognised awards.

For More Info Contact Shirley (08) 9571-4145 or download our New Membership Form from the Forms page.

Membership Type  Fees Inc Gst
 Ordinary Membership Inc the Australian Goat World  $82.50
 Ordinary Membership Excl the Australian Goat World $61.60
 Junior Membership Inc the Australian Goat World $51.70
 Junior Membership Excl the Australian Goat World $31.90
 Australian Goat World Subscription (for Australian non-members)        $33.00
 Australian Goat World Subscription (for overseas non-members)                            $44.00
 W.A. Goat Keeper Subscription (for non-members)                                                 $20.00
 Prefix Fee (on new memberships and only if required) & late fee

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