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WA Goatkeeper

The WA Goatkeeper is published four times per year and is free to all Dairy Goats Society of Australia - Western Australia members.


Non Members can subscribe for $20 per year


Advertising Fees (free of charge to DGS WA members) :

Full Page $20          Half Page $10            Quarter Page $5



Neither the Committee nor the Editor take responsibility for the views, claims or inaccuracies expressed in advertising or articles.

Articles may be reproduced unless otherwise stated.


The following links are the PDF version of the magazine.  Thank you to the newsletter editor for allowing these to be uploaded     :)

2016 editions

GK1 - Jan 2016.pdf

GK2 - April 2016a.pdf

GK3 -June 2016.pdf

GK4 - August 2016.pdf

GK5 - October 2016.pdf

GK6 - December 2016.pdf


 2017 editions

GK7 February 2017.pdf

GK8 April 2017.pdf

GK June 2017.pdf

GK August 2017.pdf


2018 editions

The WA Goatkeeper May 2018.pdf